REAL's Certification Scheme
for quality composts


Compost Certification Scheme

Compost Certification Scheme provides assurance to consumers, farmers, food producers and retailers that quality compost is safe, reliable and of consistent high quality. Compost is produced by composting organic materials and the Scheme provides means for compost producers to become certified to the BSI PAS 100, the Compost Quality Protocol, SEPA's RPS for Compost, and the CCS Scheme Rules. Certified waste-derived compost is no longer considered to be waste and has achieved product status


Latest News:

  • CCS News Update - June 2019

    Please find attached the latest news update for CCS producers...

    Posted: 1 July, 2019

  • Decision-making tree for Producer enquiries updated

    REAL have recently revised the CCS decision-making tree. The decision tree, displayed within the attached document, enables Scheme participants to identify their initial point of contact for Scheme-related enquiries...

    Posted: 17 May, 2019

  • Scheduled REA Training Courses 2019

    REAL has liaised with the Renewable Energy Association (REA) regarding the following training opportunities, which are now open for individuals to register attendance: The ‘Understanding PAS100 in full’ workshop is taking place on the 29 May 2019 in Leeds...

    Posted: 15 April, 2019