REAL's Certification Scheme
for quality composts


Compost Certification Scheme

Compost Certification Scheme provides assurance to consumers, farmers, food producers and retailers that quality compost is safe, reliable and of consistent high quality. Compost is produced by composting organic materials and the Scheme provides means for compost producers to become certified against the BSI PAS100 and Compost Quality Protocol. The certified compost is no longer considered to be waste and have achieved a product status.


Latest News:

  • Investigation into complaints about the plant response test

    The minimum quality requirements in PAS 100 include testing for minimum plant response following the methodology described in OFW004-006 'Plant response and weeds test for composted material', published by Wrap...

    Posted: 14 August, 2018

  • Compost Certification Scheme summer '18 newsletter

    We issued our biannual newsletter for the Compost Certification Scheme this week. In this newsletter, we shared industry-related news, scheme developments, and updates on the Research Hub and revision of BSI PAS 100...

    Posted: 31 July, 2018

  • Tendering for the development of a PT scheme

    REAL is drafting a tender invitation document for the development of a Proficiency Testing (PT) Scheme covering analytical parameters from PAS 100 and PAS 110. This forms part of our ongoing efforts to make the Compost and Biofertiliser Certification Schemes more robust...

    Posted: 26 July, 2018