Making a complaint about the Scheme, Certification Bodies, or Laboratories

The complaint procedures for complaining about the scheme or CBs are specified in the CCS Scheme Rules.

Complaints about the Certification Bodies

Any complaints from participating compost producers about the services provided by the certification bodies shall be submitted to the relevant certification body at first and include the following information:

  • Organisation name and contact details;
  • Name and contact details of the person within the organisation making the complaint; and
  • Description of the aspects of the service that the complaint refers to.

Upon receipt of a complaint, the certification body shall promptly inform REAL and investigate into the complaint according to the certification body’s internal complaint procedures. It shall also take any necessary actions to address the complaint, report on the outcome to REAL and ensure that the complainant is kept informed in writing of the outcome of the complaint. 

If the complainant remains unsatisfied of the outcome of the investigation, the complaint shall be referred to REAL and the complainant shall be informed accordingly. 

Each time it meets, or upon request, REAL’s Compost Certification Scheme Technical Advisory Committee shall be provided with an anonymised list of all complaints about the certification body, including the number and a summary of their subjects and outcomes.

Appeal against certification bodies’ decisions

Any individual who or organisation that appeals a decision taken by the certification body shall follow the certification body’s relevant appeal procedures.

The certification body shall keep REAL informed of all appeals received, their subjects and outcomes.

If the individual or organisation who made the appeal remains unsatisfied of the outcome of the CB’s appeal procedures, the case shall be referred to REAL and the individual or organisation shall be informed accordingly. 

Complaints about the Laboratories

For any complaints that you would like to make against one of the CCS Approved Laboratories, please use the CCS Laboratory Complaint Form and contact details listed below. 

REAL CCS requests that you copy us into these emails using the email address