REAL's Role

REAL's carry out a range of activities, administrating the scheme as well as supporting policy developments

REAL is the owner of the Scheme and has appointed three Certification Bodies to provide certification services on its behalf. Read more about the Certification Bodies here.

REAL appoints the certification bodies to manage the scheme on its behalf and appoints the approved laboratories for sample testing. REAL also provides technical input into the running and development of the scheme and this work is summarised below:

  • Information provision; responding to general enquiries, providing regular scheme updates to participants, providing regular scheme updates to industry through various channels, maintaining and developing the CCS database and CCS website.
  • Contract management; managing and maintaining contracts with the appointed certification bodies, approved laboratories, and laboratory auditor.
  • Development of certification element; producing guidance for certification bodies, producing technical guidance for scheme participants, reviewing and/or revising the CCS Scheme Rules
  • Development of testing element; producing procedures for laboratories, producing procedures for scheme participants, reviewing and/or revising the Laboratory Terms & Conditions
  • Promotion and marketing; exhibiting at industry trade shows, issuing regular press releases, writing magazine articles, and speaking at industry events.
  • Regular stakeholder engagement/liaison; holding CCS Producers' Forum meetings, holding CCS Technical Advisory Committee meetings, meetings with the environmental regulators and markets.
  • Contributing to reviews and/or revisions of BSI PAS 100 and non-standard PAS 100 test methods
  • Managing REAL's Compost and Biofertiliser Certification Schemes' Research Hub
  • Delivering workshops and webinars on the scheme requirements
  • Handling and investigating complaints, where relevant
  • Responding to industry and government consultations, where relevant