Useful Information Sheets & Guidance Notes

REAL have produced several guidance documents on frequent queries:  

  1. CCS Position on Technical Requirements
  2. Compost sampling guidance
  3. Guidelines for sampling and testing the soil according to the Compost Quality Protocol requirements
  4. Guidelines on composting noxious weeds
  5. Compost safety (handling and use) guidelines
  6. AfOR information sheet on managing the risks of herbicides in composting systems
  7. Guidance on composting paper and cardboard
  8. Guidance on Legionella
  9. Guidance on Quality Meat Scotland standard's requirements
  10. CCS Position on Technical Requirements
  11. How to label a PAS100 sample & prepare the relevant paperwork
  12. REAL CCS guidance note on RPS 241
  13. CCS Guidance Document for Applicants

Important Note: The provisions of the guidance given in these documents are subject to approval and possible change by the Environment Agency of England and Wales, Scottish Environment Protection Agency and Northern Ireland Environment Agency and to further guidance from the CCS Technical Advisory Committee. The independent Certifying Bodies appointed by CCS will follow the conditions of PAS 100, the CQP, and SEPA's position, whilst also taking into account the CCS Scheme Rules.